Top 5 local travel locations in south Vietnam 2021

Are you hoping to unwind from your workload? Are you looking to come to Vietnam to escape from the harsh reality of political tensions and/or the Coronavirus pandemic? If your answer is Yes, the best idea is to travel to South Vietnam.

Mui Ne

Unlike the Northern region, the South of Vietnam has two distinct seasons, the rainy and dry seasons. Mother of nature always favours the South a plethora of natural beauties. Not only is it famous for a great variety of scenic spots, the South is also teaming with fantastic resorts, both in the sea and on high mountains. It is an incredible treat for anyone who wants to spend their vacation, whether it is a short trip or a long holiday. Let’s discover the top 5 travel locations in South Vietnam.

Cat Tien National Park is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world, about 150 kilometers to the East of Saigon, located in the territory of Nam Cat Tien Commune in the Tan Phu District of the Dong Nai Province. This vast forest is truly an interesting location to travel in South Vietnam for nature lovers who want to explore the natural flora and fauna ecosystem.

Cat Tien National Park’s untamed beauty

Coming to Cat Tien National Park, you can rent overnight accommodation at extremely affordable prices per room (around 300,000 to 400,000 VND/room). There is also a tent rental service for you to experience setting up a campsite in the middle of the mountains, one of the best activities in South Vietnam to go through. This will provide an immersive experience as you will be eating and sleeping outdoors with friends and family. Out in the wild, baking food and playing by the fire, you will definitely be kept full of memories.

Cat Tien is surrounded by the Dong Nai river. Therefore, the climate is cool and mild, which is favorable for the vegetative ecosystem to develop. In fact, the woods have remained untouched and wild with many valuable woods thriving. The park is also home to many wildlife species such as bears, monkeys, junglefowls, ferrets, etc. Moreover, it is a paradise of a great variety of birds such as peacocks, storks, bitterns, etc.

The name of this place is already a sign that this is a worthy South Vietnam short tour for you to get onto. This is the second location we will learn about in this list.

Nearly 100 kilometres from Saigon, located in the Moc Hoa District of Long An Province, the Tan Lap cajuput forest is located in the tourist village of Tan Lap floating village. Riding a motorbike here will bring you a more thorough experience. This is because it will be quite expensive if you take a bus to Long An then go in-between locations on cabs. If you decide to rent a bike and ride there yourself and have a self-sufficient trip, it will be much better!

Tan Lap is known to be a large primeval forest with winding and beautiful roads cutting through the woods. Once you set foot here, you will feel like you are lost in an enchanting maze.

A path through the cajuput forest in Tan Lap

In the middle of the cajuput forest is a 30-meter high observatory. From there, you can observe the entire cajuput forest from a vantage point and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze. You can immerse yourself in nature and admire a great variety of preserved species of birds such as cranes, storks, bitterns, etc.

In addition to that, this place is also a paradise for those who like to take part in exclusive activities in South Vietnam. You can experience the feeling of canoeing and enjoy a breath-taking view of the forest on both sides. Doesn’t it sound so appealing? Don’t forget to bring a camera because you will definitely have a great photo album.

After the Tan Lap floating village, Dong Thap is another exciting location to travel in South Vietnam that you cannot miss. Dong Thap is famous for its ecological areas and unique unspoiled landscapes.

The Xeo Quyt ecological area will give visitors the feeling of being lost in a primeval forest with beautiful scenery. With an area of about 50ha, of which 20ha are cajuput forests, the rest of Dong Thap consists of mangrove trees, vines, etc. There are bound to be beautiful species of flora that you have never seen in your life.

Coming to Xeo Quyt, you will be immersed in the beautiful natural greeneries. Here, you will be able to take part in an activity like no other, which is to sit on three-leaf boats. These boats will slowly take you across tiny channels to experience all that Xeo Quyt has to offer.

A flock of cranes in the Xeo Quyt ecological area

Another place in Dong Thap that you should not miss is the Tram Chim National Park. This is the residence of the Sarus Crane — an animal species that is listed as endangered, preserved, and protected.

You will discover stories about animals here. You can also take part in special activities in South Vietnam such as boating, catching fish, and experiencing the life of the fishing people here. Every year, when the water flooded Tram Chim, the place seems like it was wearing a colorful coat with many different types of birds migrating to feed and mate here.

Con Dao Islands, also known as Con Dao National Park, are an archipelago of 16 mostly uninhabited islets just off the southern coast of Vietnam. Each of these islets offers expansive beaches shaded with evergreen trees. Con Dao is a great destination for savvy travelers looking to escape bustling city life, the main island also boasts miles of coastal roads, hiking trails, and a wide range of outdoor activities.

Dubbed as a paradise to relax and explore the grand nature of South Vietnam, Con Dao is chosen by many tourists as a superb South Vietnam short tour destination. Con Dao has many beautiful beaches, blue sea, and long sandy beaches. When you come here, you definitely have to stop by Dam Trau to hear about that the legend of the beautiful love of Cau and Trau.

Visitors can enjoy bathing in the sea and immerse in the cool water of the beaches well-known all-around Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Watching the romantic sunset and sunrise on Dam Trau beach is a magnificent experience not to be missed.

A Con Dao’s pristine beach

The waters of Con Dao in the South China Sea are very rich with marine creatures, promising an exciting voyage for the enthusiasts of the arts of fishing. After that, you can dine your catches and simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that the blue sea and white sand bring. Bring your companions or loved ones with you to this unforgettable experience.

Do not forget to explore Ca Map Point, Nhat Beach, Dam Port, and the beginning of the road to Hon Ba. There you will be met with charming scenery that is the inspiration for many professional and aspiring photographers.

Mui Ne is one of the most beautiful and poetic marine eco-tourism destinations in Binh Thuan Province. It is no doubt a place one must travel in South Vietnam. Tourists to Mui Ne are not only attracted by the wild beauty of nature but also enthralled by the unique cuisine and the hospitality of the kind fishing village people.

And if you are coming from Ho Chi Minh City, you should go by car or bus because traveling by motorbike can be very tired that can affect the inspiration of the trip. However, if you love riding, don’t let the distance stop you from getting there.

There are also many attractive places to visit such as Suoi Tien, Vang sand dunes, Bau Trang, Poshanu Cham Tower, etc. These landmarks are promising to bring you many new experiences.

Poshanu Cham towers in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan.

Mui Ne is famous for many clean and beautiful beaches including large ones such as Hon Rom beach. Aside from the charming scenery, the beaches are dotted with oddly-shaped boulders facing the sea. Most tourists will not miss their chance to take great photos posing against these rocks.

On the other hand, in the rainy season, the whole mountain is surrounded by the green of nature. In contrast, in the dry season, you will see golden grass coating the ground. For this reason, it is also called Hon Rom (Straw Rock) because it looks like a giant pile of straw from a distance.

So, we have talked about the top 5 local travel locations in South Vietnam. If you are looking for immersive experiences that will leave you with beautiful memories and albums of special snapshots, you can’t go wrong with them. They are perfect for both traveling alone and traveling with friends and family to break away from the monotonous pace of our daily life. South Vietnam is a perfect region to recharge and be full of energy to be more productive and successful once you come back.

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